We’ve been achingly curious about the interfamilial activities of Obama’s secret service-protected wife and daughters. Is their marriage hitting rock-bottom? Has Barack failed to convince Malia to quit smoking? The never before witnessed scandalous mysteries that the Obamas tried so hard to hide have been finally leaked!

Was Michelle Abandoned By Barack On Vacation?

There is speculation circling about, stating that the Obamas had an argument so fierce during their vacation in Hawaii that it resulted in Barack and the kids flying back to Washington without Michelle, who had to hitch her own ride later. Is the marriage crumbling?

Awkward Encounter

After three months of bashing and bad mouthing, Barack and Donald finally met after Trump’s surprise victory. The meeting was so awkward that the Obamas didn’t take the traditional first couples’ photo.

Quite a smoker

Although he eventually quit, Obama promised Michelle that he would stop smoking long before he actually did. He would apparently sneak out and return smelling of smoke, creating lots of tension for the couple.

Air Force What?!

Obama’s flights to Chicago during the Democratic fundraiser apparently cost $180,000 in taxpayers’ money. Those are some expensive flights, Mr. President!

The Code Names

Sasha and Malia apparently have secret names to be used during emergencies. Sasha goes by Radiance and Malia is known as Rosebud.

The New Residence

Unlike most other former presidents, the Obama family will remain in Washington D.C. after evacuating the White house; this is so they don’t unsettle Sasha, who is still in high school.

Even the President lies?

In his memoir’ Dreams of My Father, Barack speaks highly of his father, a direct conflict of what his half Brother, Mark Obama, had to say about their father in his own memoir.

Funeral Selfie

During Nelson Mandela’s funeral, Barack was caught on camera snapping selfies with Danish Prime Minister Helle Thorning-Schmidt. Not surprisingly, Michelle wasn’t too pleased.

Malia Interned on Girls

Lena Dunham caused quite a stir on the TV show, ‘Girls’, but a little while later, photos of Malia on set leaked. However, her exact role wasn’t exactly known.

Quality education?

Malia and Sasha and Malia attended Sidwell Friends’ School, which is not only super selective but also super expensive, costing roughly $70,000 a year each!

No News is Good News

During his final run for re-election, he apparently didn’t watch mainstream news outlets like CNN and Fox. He only watched sports channels.

Obama’s Secret Tango

Barack danced an intimate Tango with a Brazilian dancer during a state dinner held by Mauricio Macri in 2016 in Argentina. Michelle definitely had something to say about this.

A Not So Fun Stag Party

In 1996, Barack visited Wokingham for his half-sister’s and her fiance’s bachelor party but left as soon as the stripper arrived. He missed out on some fun, but Michelle approves.

He’s superstitious

He openly admitted to being overly superstitious. Barack carries with him two lucky charms – a Madonna and child statue and a bracelet that belonged to a soldier who was stationed in Iraq.

To Be or Not to Be?

While still in college, Barack applied as a model on a black pin-up calendar but was rejected. The all-female committee definitely had their regrets for that.

No Caffeine

Despite being one of the busiest men on the planet, he doesn’t drink coffee, something considered to be just as crucial as water in America.

Student Loan Troubles

Just like everyone else, the President had a large, unpaid student loan before entering the office. He only managed to pay it off in 2004 after signing his book deal.

Leadership down the family

Running the state runs in the blood. Obama Sr. was a senior economist in the Kenyan government. Maybe Sasha or Malia will reclaim Clinton’s lost glory.

Barack’s Beer

After his victory, African people were so enthralled that he had his own beer named after him in Kenya.

Favorite Jams

Some of his favorite music was sung by Jay Z, Beyonce, Stevie Wonder and The Rolling Stones. He listens to them during his workouts.

Favorite Books

We all know his love for books. In his catalog of favorite books are classical children’s books, his favorite being ‘The Wild Things Are’.

The First Date

The Obamas’ first date was ‘one of the most memorable days ever’. They went to see the movie ‘Do The Right Thing’, sort of a sentiment for their marriage.

Tough Marriage

Barack’s grandparents wholly disputed Obama Sr.’s marriage to Anne because she was white. They thought that Obama Sr. was abandoning his children in Kenya.

Broken Family

When Barack was two, his parents divorced, and Obama Sr. returned to Kenya, leaving Ann to raise Barack alone.

Malia’s Misbehavior

Malia was caught smoking something that suspiciously looked like pot while she was on vacation. Reportedly, Barack and Michelle weren’t too happy with her.

Sasha’s Illness

As a baby, Sasha contracted meningitis and the Obamas were woeful she would have lasting nerve damage. Thankfully, she recovered. This is thought to be what the motivation behind Obamacare.

No equal pay

Despite being a constant proponent of equal pay for women, even female employees at the White House are paid less than their male counterparts.

Hey Big Spender

Barack is apparently not afraid to let money fly and spends a lot of money during shopping sprees. Michelle is widely thought to also take part.



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