Selfies are super easy to take, right? WRONG. There are skills and logistics involved to taking a great selfie: angles, facial expressions, background setting, people involved; you really need to build up a good selfie game! That’s why we’ve broken down the top 10 ways you can really learn the basics of taking an Instagram-tastic selfie below. So put down that camera and do some mandatory selfie homework before snapping and posting another pic!

A new craze that involves taking a picture of oneself with a bear in the background, has forced the US Forest Service to plead with tourists to leave the animals alone. Visitors are being warned that they could face a grizzly end if they get too close.What other photo opportunities involve risking life and limb to capture that all important selfie?

Thumbs up (but don’t look down): Russian daredevil Yaroslav Seheda and friend take a vertigo-inducing picture after free climbing up a building

Pole apart: British free runner James Kingston has released a series of jaw-dropping videos, which feature him climbing up buildings, cranes and bridges around the world.Here he uses a camera pole mount to take a selfie on top of a building in Bangalore

Spacie: Japanese astronaut Aki Hoshide goes to extreme lengths to take this selfie while visiting the International Space Station

Look where you’re going! We’re a little concerned that this pilot doesn’t have his eyes on the sky in front of him. Make a wrong turn here and the results could be catastrophic

Take a #Selfie Class

Yep, the University of South California is now offering a course called #SelfieClass. Unfortunately, it’s not necessarily an hour long demonstration on camera angles and ideal filters; this is just the fancy new name given to a class which was originally called “Writing 150: Writing and Critical Reasoning: Identity and Diversity.” Womp, womp. Selfies are part of the course outline, though, as professor Mark Marino explains: “When we look at selfies, we’re also looking at the beginning of the 21st century. The cultural moment of the selfies will pass and become something that’s iconic of our age, the same way that photographic self-portraits of painting self-portraits or religious journals were the selfies of their moment.” Let’s hope that, in a few years, Kim K’s Selfish will become a mandatory textbook for this course.

There are also these essentials

Jimmy Fallon recently helped actor James Marsden post his first Instagram pic where they took a selfie while holding breakfast foods and standing in front of a fake sunset. So, whenever possible, make sure to incorporate those two things in your selfies to ensure a successful final product.

While Michelle Phan is best known for her YouTube videos, she can also take a great selfie. If you’re too lazy to buy a book or enroll in a class, just watch this detailed tutorial that breaks down everything from lighting to angles!

Or watch Rihanna’s quick lesson

Less informative and more yelling, but still essential to our selfie guide!

Kim Kardashian taught Jimmy Kimmel how to take a selfie

Another way to save money on that Selfie book. Consider this a coles notes version of Kim’s book.

Or just watch the most retweeted selfie of all time

There are regular selfies and then there’s history-making selfies. This star-studded Oscars selfie became the most retweeted selfie ever and got closer to breaking the internet than Kim Kardashian ever got. So the lesson here is obvious: the more celebs in your selfie, the more successful it’ll be. So what are you waiting for? Run out and find some celebs to snap a picture with you! That’s easy, right? (Idea: Come to the MMVAs on June 21 and take selfies with all the stars walking the red carpet!)


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