Finally, good ole summer time! Where the weather is nice, the beach is calling your name, and if you are lucky you can snag some good cheap flights and hotels for that luxury resort of your dreams!

But when that time comes, you’ve got to remember that you shouldn’t too crazy at those nice five star resorts, because you are not the only ones there! These people forgot to do that. And remember… Everyone today has a camera!

It seems like these vacation resorts and cruises attract beautiful women from everywhere. They look like they are having tons of fun, wish i could be there!

It makes a lot more sense to me now why people book cheap flights all over the world… To see sights like this! Just look at the view!

I bet even Kate Middleton, Wife of Prince William over in the UK enjoys getting great deals on her travel packages!

I bet those guys in the background are happy with their travel package right about now! I don’t know if i have ever seen a bigger smile.

Lay down, relax, get that tan you always wanted, and enjoy that cheap airfare you booked online! If you planned accordingly you should have plenty of time to enjoy whatever you would like

I bet she is enjoying the nice Airbnb that she booked online! AirBnB’s can be a great way to split costs with your friends and get a nice and big place to spend your vacation together. Got to love online vacation rentals. They’re the best!

We all know beach vacations or resorts usually attract beautiful women in bikinis and we all want to look.

Just try a little harder than this guy at being a little bit more discreet.

In my opinion, the best part of vacation is being able to relax and do what you love! She looks like she’s in heaven right now, and look at the beautiful sunset!

Remember to take plenty of pics so you can enjoy the memories of your stay at your favorite five star resort forever.

Not all vacations are about five star resorts on the beach. Some people like to see the mountains and other fantastic places around the world.

If you are struggling to decide on where you want to go vacation this year, remember that you can never go wrong with a cruise ship!

Remember to book a hotel that has plenty of drink options! The worst thing ever is trying to order a drink that they don’t serve!

Nothing quite like booking a hotel with a fantastic fitness center so you can get a good workout while on vacation!

Man, look at the view from this five star resort. Even with the weather not looking so great, i am still jealous that i’m not there!

With how much fun you are having, make sure to get plenty of rest while on vacation! Don’t want to tire yourself out to quickly before you do everything you want to do.

I bet she’s loving her yoga session while on vacation! Doing yoga in a beautiful and peaceful environment can really enhance the calming effects it can give you.

It’s good to surround yourself with good people, so next time you are on vacation go ahead explore and try and make some new friends.

The more the merrier. Traveling with a group makes vacations that much funner! So make sure you invite all your friends, and your friends’ friends!

Make sure when you book your vacation online, you make sure that your resort has all the excursions you want to do!

Taking a selfie is always a good thing! Yup, definitely don’t forget to take plenty of pictures while on your vacation so you can always look back and remember all the great times!

It never hurts to get a workout in while on vacation. Don’t want to get to relaxed on your diet or workout plan! Especially if your hotel has such a nice fitness center!

Not a fan of beach or the sand? You can always book a nice private resort. Most of them now even come with their own salt water pools.

Just two ladies enjoying their resort vacation! That place looks absolutely beautiful!!! Really jealous of them on this one!

Whats that you ask? The look of a woman who has no worries as she just booked cheap airfare online! And now she’s enjoying the pool.


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