Ronald Reagan liked jelly beans so much that Jelly Belly created a blueberry flavor to honor him during the 1981 presidential inauguration. And Lyndon B. Johnson had such an affinity for Fresca soda that he had a dispenser installed in the Oval Office. As for the newest President’s food vice? It turns out, Donald Trump a yoooge fan of fast food!

While on the campaign trail, Trump wasn’t seen eating out all too often. The reason? As a guest on the late-night circuit, Trump told Jimmy Fallon he had a grueling schedule and he could get a quick meal from Wendy’s or McDonald’s to eat on his jet, which we suppose gives double meaning to the idea of eating “on the fly.”

As Trump takes office, we’re taking a look back at some of his eating habits that were revealed as he made stops at diners and tweeted photos of himself smiling alongside his orders. (Prediction: He probably won’t be the voice of healthy-eating initiatives because he unabashedly admits his love for junk food.)

He Orders His Steak Super Well-done

Foodies might be offended by this one, but Trump likes his steak well-done—and then cooked some more. In fact, his longtime butler Anthony Senecal dished to The New York Times that Trump would order his steak so well done that “it would rock on the plate.”

He’s a Huge McDonald’s Fan

Celebrities…they’re just like us, going through the drive-thru and perusing the dollar menu. Trump, a billionaire, ordered from the golden arches fairly often while on the campaign trail. Specifically, he’s a fan of the Filet-o-Fish, Big Mac, and Quarter Pounder. During a CNN town hall, he told Anderson Cooper, “The Quarter Pounder. It’s great stuff.”

He Washes Down His Fast Food with Soda

When you’re Donald Trump, “to-go” means on a private jet of course. Back in May 2016, when he secured enough delegates to become the GOP nominee, he posted a fast food selfie of himself eating McDonald’s chased back with a bottle of Diet Coke. Find out where that diet cola ranks on the Eat This, Not That!

He’s Afraid of What Restaurants Might Do to His Hamburger

So, what’s with the love of fast food aside from its convenience? When Trump was a guest on The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon, he told Fallon he appreciated the anonymity at fast-food chains and he trusts the brands backing burgers at Wendy’s and McDonald’s. “I don’t want [someone] to go into a restaurant and say, ‘Mr. Trump would like a hamburger to go,” Trump tells Fallon. “If they don’t like me …” He trailed off, but we can guess where he’s going with that one.

He Eats Fried Chicken with a Fork

The Donald has given us a treasure trove of fast food photos. Over the summer, Trump tweeted a photo of himself, again, on his jet, with a big ol’ bucket of KFC fried chicken, plus a container of possible gravy. The internet poked fun at him for eating the fried chicken with a fork. The Washington Post had a lot of fun with the photo, analyzing it and concluding that Trump likely ordered KFC’s $20 Fill-Up, complete with 8 pieces of crunchy chicken, a large coleslaw, four biscuits, and two sides of mashed potatoes.

He Eats Pizza with a Fork, Too

Donald Trump went out for some slices with Former Alaska Gov. Sarah Palin back in 2011 and they shocked New Yorkers by using forks to eat their pizza. Comedian Jon Stewart, in response, went on a lengthy rant about Trump’s pizza-eating tactics, lambasting him for double stacking his pizza and for opting for Famous Famiglia, an Albanian pizza chain in Times Square, instead of one of the many authentic NY pizzerias in the city.

He Eats at the Same Steakhouse as Bill Clinton

Trump’s dinner at 21 Club mostly made headlines because he defied protocol and ditched the press to dine there after he was elected. In fact, the reason the press found out he was eating there was a Bloomberg reporter also happened to be having dinner at the restaurant and tweeted a photo of him. Eating at the 21 Club, though, is a presidential tradition. Every sitting president since FDR has eaten at the restaurant, except two. George W. Bush never ate there as president but did visit the restaurant during his tenure as governor of Texas. Outgoing President Barack Obama never made a stop there, either. John F. Kennedy was supposedly a regular, according to Fox News.



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