10 Revealing Pictures Melania Trump Doesn’t Want You to See

We’re not sure what she’s shooting at or why she’s on a plane, but we definitely know whose plane it is. Melania left nothing to the imagination here and we’re kind of speechless.

Melania managed to keep it sexy on the red carpet of the Men In Black 3 launch back in 2012. Who knew she liked watching Sci-fi movies? We certainly didn’t.

That is fine; we are all entitled to our privacy. But that sort of goes out the window when your husband is elected to leader of the free world, don’t you think? Still, Melania has been caught time and time again hiding information about herself, backtracking on things she previously said, straight-out lying, and doing some arguably scandalous things. Some of these you may have suspected but could not confirm (did she have a boob job, or didn’t she?), and some things you had no clue about (was she married before The Donald?).

Even though she isn’t wearing traditional swimwear, Melania looks so serene here and we approve. Her pink sweater is now plastered to her toned body and is showing two of her biggest and best assets.

Melania has always been known to be fashionable. Here she is dressed in designer clothes with a bright and beautiful smile. We cannot stress how much we love seeing Melania smile.

We’re not fans of the shoulder pads, but the color looks great on her skin. We can also tell how toned those long legs of hers are.

Melania is wearing the stuff out of this gorgeous black gown on the red carpet. There she is with her signature expression again. What did Tyra Banks call it? SMIZING!

This may just be the most reserved that we’ve seen Melania before her husband began his campaign. She looks young, fresh, happy and vibrant. Honestly, we wish we could see her like this a bit more often.


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